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Ray Eden

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Books by Ray Eden

My Philosophy of Magic book cover

Secrets of Magic
The Collected Essays of Ray Eden

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  • Essay 1: Making Magic Real
  • Essay 2: The Conditioning Factor
    • Exercise Example
  • Essay 3: Creating Texture
  • Essay 4: Creating Entertaining Scripts
  • Essay 5: The Art of Modeling
  • Essay 6: Suffer the Little Children
  • Essay 7: Magic or Miracle
  • Essay 8: The Twin Demons of Misdirection
  • Essay 9: The Ritual of Applause (Unpublished)
  • Essay 10: On the Method (Unpublished)
  • Essay 11: Rise of the Birthday Magician (Unpublished)
  • Essay 12: Over Exposure (Unpublished)

World of Illusion World of Control

World of Illusion World of Control

See the world through the eyes of the Magician and explore the Reality around us that is being created by the Manipulators and Soothsayers of Politics, Science and Religion.

Ray Eden presents a concise and revealing overview of the history of the ruling Elite and explains the parlor tricks they use to manipulate and control every facet of human existence.

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World of Illusion World of Control
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Taikuus ja keskiajan taikuri eBook
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Taikuus ja keskiajan taikuri eBook

Ray Eden began making magic at the age of sixteen (16) in his hometown of Wooster, Ohio. He studied and practiced from magic books borrowed from the local public library, before starting to perform magic for children's birthday parties and school assemblies. He never lost his love for the art throughout his college years at Kent Christian College, where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Theology, and soon he was incorporating magic into his religious presentations. However, the bright lights of New York City would serve as the backdrop for his next magical endeavors.

Upon arriving in New York City in 1989, he began performing magic in Manhattan's famed Central Park, where he would draw large crowds from the passersby. A short time later, he began to perform stand up magic in some of New York's most prestigious comedy clubs (New York Comedy Club, Stand Up New York and Pips) and close-up magic at dinner clubs such as Le Bar Bat - a New York City restaurant that catered to television and film celebrities - and The Old Mill Inn located in Spring Lake, New Jersey.

In November of 1998, Ray left his native United States and moved to Finland. It wasn't long before he was entertaining and mystifying guests at various parties, including political functions on behalf of Parliament member Pia Viitanen. On June 10, 1999, he made his first Finnish television appearance on the teen-oriented television program Summeri. More TV programs would follow including: Älä katso!, Katso pois!, Lauantaivekkari, Ihana aamu, Mitä Ihmettä?, Kestääkö kantti? and the Jim Salabim Taikashow.

On January 24, 2020, Eden returned to the United States, where he is continuing to make his magic.

Eden has received commendations from the United States Air Force as well as several awards from the magic community for his presentation of magical effects. Several of his presentations have been published in American magic magazines such as Tannen's Magic Manuscript and Mortimer's Magic Journal. Eden has written a series of essays for Jokeri magazine entitled My Philosophy of Magic, and a treatise entitled Magic and the Medieval Magician.