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Close-Up Magic

Close Up Photo

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Nothing is more intimate in the world of magic than that which is performed close up; right under your nose and even in your hands.

Ray Eden specializes in card magic, but when you are asked to pick a card, he will not find it. Instead he will amaze you by making your chosen card do the impossible: a packet of cards will transform - one by one - into your chosen card, a chosen card will refuse NOT to be on the top of the deck, and more...

In addition, Ray makes coins travel out of and into your hand, bends keys, and performs other mind-blowing magical feats. Your guests will feel that you have provided them with something special that will make your event unforgettable.

Close-up magic is ideal entertainment for strolling a room, going table-to-table, or as a formal show setting for small groups.

Formal Close Up Performance Time: Up to 60 Minutes (Depending on the event requirements).

Informal Performance Time (walk around): Up to 120 Minutes (Depending on the event requirements).

Club Magic

Close Up Photo
Ray Eden performing Koske mun muna
at Club Harha in Tampere
Photo by Rudi Thomas

Ray Eden has worked many of the New York City comedy clubs such as Stand Up New York, New York Comedy Club and Pips Comedy Club. He has worked the same stages as Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Kaufman, Gilbert Gottfried, Robin Willims, et. al. Ray Eden brings his comedy club years to his stand up show with a big magical dose of comedy. The show is meant for adults (like all stand up comedy) and makes the audience a big part of the show.

Eden makes an egg disppear and appear and then a woman from the audience is made the hero when she does the same in Eden's signature effect Koske mun muna (trans. Touch My Egg). A balloon, rope, an apple and a knife add to the fun. In larger venues, Ray transforms a blow up sex doll into a real girl!

The show is ideal for corporate parties, comedy clubs or any venue seeking adult entertainment.

Performance Time: Up to 60 Minutes (Depending on the event requirements).

Fund Raiser Show

Fund Raiser Photo
Ray Eden performing
Lemminkäinen's Snow storm
Photo by Jaana Pitkänen

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to raise money for your school or organization? Ray Eden offers his family stage show for you to make money by magic.

In the show, Ray performs family safe versions of material from his upcoming 90-minute full evening show, Burlesque Illusions. A handkerchief dances, a girl remains suspended in mid-air and a snow storm is created onstage in celebration of the Finnish spirit.

The show is not a "show for kids", but a family show that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The show is heavy on audience participation, and mom and dad are as likely to "volunteer" as little Dick or Jane.

Performance Time: up to 60 Minutes

See the Fund Raiser Family show page for more information (Finnish only).