Classical Burlesque

Sin D. Skye makes her appearance on stage in a way so surprising it will take your breath away!

Her burlesque is an homage to the Age of Classical Burlesque and features strong choreographed dance that highlights her personality, poise and grace. Her work with the feather fans is truly "poetry in motion" that leaves the heart aflutter.

Sin D. Skye is featured throughout the show as the Pink Queen of Burlesque. She appears in the Swords & Feathers and Male Bag Seduction illusions, and is Ray Eden's lead assistant.

Her free time is spent with magic, burlesque, salsa and samba. She performs regularly and has been a featured dancer on the opening float of the Helsinki Samba Carnaval. She has also performed burlesque and Go-Go dancing at Penn Jillette's (the loud half of the Penn & Teller Show) Bacon & Doughnuts parties in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA).